Building Design

Building Design

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Great building design doesn’t just happen, it is a careful process that brings together art and architecture to create a unique and beautiful structure for you to spend your life in. At Thorning Little Designer-Architect of Sarasota, FL we believe that the commercial, residential, and industrial building design process should be about more than function, it should also make a statement about the owners of the building and their individual style.

When you choose our firm to work on your building design we promise you the very best in effective communication, artistic draftsmanship, and professional design skills, brought together in a way that will not only incorporate, but enhance the vision you have for your property. Some of the things we have experience with include :

• Restaurant Design—We can design a restaurant with a lovely ambiance for your guests and a functional work space for your cooks and employees.

• Office Design—Artistically designed offices improve employee production. Consider a newly created office to help your employees’ mood.

• Retail Design—We build retail spaces intended to put your customers in a generous buying mood.

• Custom Home Design—We can turn your vision into reality. From the sconces to the entry door, we will attend to every detail.

Good building design is not a simple process and definitely not a process you should skip over or skimp on. A building that is properly designed will safely stand for decades, be something you can count on throughout your lifetime, and pass on to your children and grandchildren. Come to Thorning Little Designer-Architect for the best building design services in Florida and let us work on your project.