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At Thorning Little Designer-Architect we think the world has become boring lately. If we know it or not, we need more architecture and design in our buildings today. It has become far too easy to buy into the modern notion of blending in with everything else. This can be a very hard thing to get around when you are trying to get a new building designed and built. If you are tired of a society that seems to value mass production over elegance and style, you need the services of our architecture professionals.

We have been offering top notch architecture, building design, and home renovation services to the Sarasota, FL area for more than thirty years and we want to help with your custom home, restaurant, retail, or office design. Our artistic approach to architecture and building design and home design allows us to work with a client’s concept in a manner that brings more intimacy to the process. During this course we may suggest a variety of architectural elements to add an interesting style to your building. Some of these may include:

• Decorative Iron Details—Iron doors, railings, and light fixtures can bring a unique element to your special building.

• Featured Ceilings, Panel, or Floors—A beautifully sculpted ceiling, interesting wall paneling, or spectacular wood floors can create warm spaces for a unique structure.

• Medallions—Large ceiling medallions can bring big life to a room that is otherwise drab.

• Corbels—We can design and create corbels that will be unique to your particular property.

Don’t suffer the architecture of the modern subdivision, or even the typical granite countertops and marble floors of the high-end home. You want something different that communicates your flair for style. Get us on the project and get everything you want.