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At Thorning Little Designer-Architect we think the world has become boring lately. If we know it or not, we need more architecture and design in our...

Building Design

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Great building design doesn’t just happen, it is a careful process that brings together art and architecture to create a unique and beautiful structure...

Home Renovations

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Home renovations can be the most frustrating and rewarding things a homeowner can undertake. The experts at Thorning Little Designer-Architect can...


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Welcome To Thorning Little Designer-Architect

Making a life-long dream come true is one of the hardest things you can take on and your chances of success totally depends on the people who support you. Friends and family can do a lot, but there comes a time when you must have the services of a professional to enjoy a manifestation of your dream that will truly last.

This is especially so when you are about the begin building your dream home, a custom building for your business, or remodeling your home into the vision you have always had for it.

It is easy in today’s society to lose sight of the role architecture plays in creating elegant spaces for the public and comfortable spaces for the home.

The current rule seems to be the “cookie-cutter” approach where everything is mass produced and individual style takes second place to cheap production principles. You want something more; you want architecture that includes sophisticated details to give your building a sense of style that is individualized and unique.

Home renovations can be a pretty tough process to get through, but having a good architect and designer on board can make it all go a little more smoothly. Don’t let your dream stand idle because you don’t know who to turn to. Contact a Thorning Little Designer-Architect representative today and let’s get started on building your vision.